We provide aerial survey services utilizing the most advanced unmanned aerial systems. We have developed our in-house workflow from image acquisition to post-processing to ensure high quality and accurate results.


Our UAV equipped with multi-spectral sensors can offer far greater resolution and detail than satellites, flying as low as 100ft and covering extensive areas per flight. The images are analysed to map a number of variables from moisture in topsoil, to chlorophyll content of leaves and distribution of pernicious weeds.We can then provide the farmer with information combining remote sensing and imaging of fields with analysis of crop intelligence.


Our skilled UAV pilots are able to fly around complex structures in a fraction of the time it would take traditional methods We are able to conduct inspection of buildings, pipelines, solar arrays, rail track, oil rigs, power lines, pylons, cellphone towers, bridges and construction. We can provide close visual inspection and thermal inspection.Our live feed from the drone whilst it is in flight, allows you to direct the camera operator to capture the exact images that you need.We can work with surveyors, architects, multi-national organisations and infrastructure companies to deliver bespoke project support using drones in order to achieve safer, cost effective and timely aerial image data collection services.We will work alongside your company personnel and/or specialist engineers to establish safe methods of capturing the image data required during your industrial inspection drone survey. This allows our drone pilots to ensure they are obtaining the right data for you to make informed decisions about your commercial operations


Combining multiple captures of an area as the UAV flies over a pre-programmed grid pattern allows us to create a 3D model from which we can also derive accurate orthophoto maps accurate to 99.6% of a cm. We post-process in-house utilizing our high-spec computing systems and top-of-the range photogrammetric software to produce a range of deliverable for our clients.These include: Orthomosaics Aerial Images Accurate topographical data for site plans Custom Deliverables - Calculate area, volumetric calculations and length Photogrammetry Output - Digital Terrain Models, Digital Surface Models, Point Clouds, Contour Generation

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Geonel Holdings Limited is continuing to push innovations through its subsidiary, Skyview Aerial Solutions Limited , using the latest drone technology to provide high-accuracy surveying and inspection services to the property, agriculture and infrastructure markets. Whether it’s quantifying a harvest or herds, surveying crop failure, recognizing illness and pest infestation or measuring stockpiles, excavations and progress on construction sites or aerial inspections of utilities and infrastructure, our highly-trained teams safely capture high-resolution imagery and survey-grade data all in a fraction of the time taken by traditional methods¬† .

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